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16 Best & Most Amazing things to do in Uganda

16 Best & Most Amazing things to do in Uganda

All the things to do in Uganda give you so many good reasons and unforgettable experiences to finally put this amazing Sub-Saharan African country on your travel bucket list. 

Traveling to Uganda was never planned or on my “must to do” travel list and was completely random and unexpected decision. My husband and I traveled to Uganda only because we got a cheap flight tickets and honestly told we did not even know what are the best things to do in Uganda, before we embarked on the plane. Uganda welcomed us with opened arms. We could not have chosen a better country for our first travel to Sub-Saharan Africa!

Most amazing things to do in Uganda1. Explore the river Nile2. Hike to the 100 meter high Sipi waterfall3. Visit the largest manyata in Eastern AfricaEnjoy a diverse landscape4. Go on a safari5. See the tea plantationsTry their Arabica coffee6. Walk with the rhinos in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary8. Relax on the shores of Victoria Lake and visit the Ssesi Islands9. Go Gorillas or chimpanzee trekking Try the typical foodVisit local marketsEnjoy the starry sky 10. Watch the drum makers 11. Cross the Equator

Most amazing things to do in Uganda

1. Explore the river Nile

It is said, that we can find the spring of the river Nile in Uganda. Visit the town of Jinja and find it here, as this is definitely one of the must things to do in Uganda. This glorious river, which flows through eleven countries, is the longest river in the world and you will encounter it few more times during your Uganda travel. If you like adrenalin water sport, don’t miss out on the white water rafting in Jinja or see its rich animal life on its shores in the Murchison Falls National Park.

2. Hike to the 100 meter high Sipi waterfall

If you like water and intensive green color, hiking to the beautiful and powerful Sipi waterfall will for sure become one of your best things to do in Uganda. Get yourself a local guide, who will cost you almost nothing and find out all about the local life in the nearby village. While hiking down the waterfall, you will be challenged by the steep leather, shaking knees and sweat, but as soon as you take your eyes on the waterfall you will know, why you are here.

3. Visit the largest manyata in Eastern Africa

The region in Uganda with most manyatas is called Karamojo and not long ago, it was known as a very dangerous part of the country. When visited it, you might had not returned back alive. Most of the travelers around Uganda still avoid it, but if you ask us, that one fir sure one of the best things to do in Uganda. I put a visit to it on my MUST to do list already at home! The Karamojo region is a bit hard to reach if you don’t have your own transport, but if you can spare few extra days, you should not have any second thoughts. Instead of violent people, the Karamojongs are now curious, friendly and hospitable. Not many people visit them, so prepare yourself to get a very, VERY big attention – maybe for some, an unpleasant one, but this will definitely be one of the most unforgettable experiences, you will do on your Uganda travel. I would recommend you to hire a local guide, who speaks their language, so you will be able to ask them something and find out more about their life.  

4. Enjoy a diverse landscape

I almost could say, Uganda offers every landscape, you can see in Africa. Uganda has it all – jungle, savannas, lakes, rivers, mountains…The only thing it is missing is the desert and the sand dunes.

5. Go on a safari

Safaris are probably one of the most recognizable things in Sub-Africa so doing at least one is one of the best things to do in Uganda too. You will find amazing national parks in Uganda, which are perfect for safari and also a lot cheaper than the ones in Kenya and Tanzania. The most popular and visited national park in Uganda is Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth. If you prefer less visited places, don’t miss out on the Kidepo national park. It is far northeast and just below the Sudan border. Seeing all the animals in their natural inhabitant is one of the best experiences of the Uganda travel – observe elegant giraffes, big elephant’s families, hunting lions, playful antelopes, lazy water-buffalos, curious monkeys … I guarantee you, you will be speechless.

6. See the tea plantations

Not only countries in Asia are famous for their tea plantations, but you can spot many also here in Uganda. The best starting point to visit them is a town called Fort Portal. The vivid green bushes are so photogenic you would never want to leave.

7. Try their Arabica coffee

Uganda grows also Arabica coffee and no matter if you like it or not, one of the things to do in Uganda is also trying it. This was one the best coffee in my life!

8. Walk with the rhinos in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Even though you will not be able to see the Rhino in Uganda’s national parks, don’t give up to quickly. You have a pretty good alternative in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, where 15 white rhinos are living in a big walled area. Yes, the area is unfortunately behind the fence, but that is only to protect them from the wild hunters, which killed the very last rhino in the country in 1982. Almost 20 years went by, before Uganda got its first male and female couple from Kenya again. From then on, the UWA (Uganda Wild Authority) started a breading program, in which they want to revive the white rhinos in Uganda again. When there are many, they will  be release in the wilderness again.  Walking among the wild rhinos was one of our best things to do in Uganda.

9. Rent a canoe at Lake Bunyonyi 

When arriving at the Bunyonyi Lake you will think you are in some kind of a fairytale. The landscape is just unreal here. The big volcanic lake, which has more than 29 small islands, is so charming you would want to stay here longer than first planned.  Rent a wooden canoe (6-10 USD/day) and enjoy the peace and quiet as it looks like the time stopped here few centuries ago. The good news is, this lake should be bilharzias free, so it is supposed to be safe for swimming. The only down side of the Bunyonyi lake is its altitude, as it can get pretty chilly and rainy.

10. Relax on the shores of Victoria Lake and visit the Ssesi Islands

One of the less visited areas in Uganda are also The Ssese Islands, which are actually an archipelago of 84 small islands in the middle of the Victoria Lake. If you are looking for remote holidays stop, visiting Sesse Islands are one of the best things to do in Uganda. The biggest island and also the easiest to reach is Bugala. You can reach it with a ferry from Masaka (totally free of charge) or from Kampala with a small local boat. The people on Ssese islands are extremely friendly and smiley!! I was always asking myself how this is even possible, as majority of them are poor, have HIV and are struggling day by day…

11. Go Gorillas or chimpanzee trekking 

This is probably the highlight of the Uganda trip, but also one of the most expensive things to do in Uganda. It is hard for me to admit, but, I did not do any of the mentioned treks – my budget was limited, very limited in fact, and I just could not afford to do it… But hey, something always needs to stay unseen for the next time! (Gorillas trek – 600 USD/pp, Chimpanzee trek – 80/150 USD).

12. Try the typical food

Due to lots of water in Uganda, the food is very diverse and not really as boring as you might think. Yes, the famous green bananas (matoke) are still the number one choice, but you can get all sorts of vegetables and fruit here. Due to the river Nile and Victoria Lake, even the fish lovers will not be able to complain. Trying the local eateries is for sure one of the must things to do in Uganda, but be prepared to wait at least two hours for a meal, if it is made out of something else than chapati and matoke.

13. Visit local markets

First think which you will notice are colors… Not only because of the colorful veggies and fruit, even the people and their dresses are something you put a shine on. Open your eyes and ears and enjoy the lively markets in all their beauties.

14. Enjoy the starry sky 

Lots of households are still without electricity and before you get nervous about it, stop and look at the night sky above you. You will be thankful, that there are still places like this in our fast developing world.

15. Watch the drum makers 

Many people connect Africa with rhythm and drums. When traveling around Uganda, especially around Entebbe, you will soon know why. There’s a special region in the country, which is famous for drums making. If you pass it, stop and see how they are being made. You can even try to play and buy one, two, three, four… I wanted the biggest of them all, but then I asked myself, how the heck will I put it on the plane?

16. Cross the Equator

Traveling around Uganda will serve you with crossing the famous Equator line and for me, this was one of the coolest things to do in Uganda. If you are time limited, choose the more touristic circle on the east side, but if you have enough time, rather go to the west side, as there are no shops, no tourists and no people. You can easily have the famous circle only for yourself and make many photos while you have one foot in the northern hemisphere and one in the southern!

Uganda is truly an amazing country and you will find all kind of things to do in Uganda! Statistically this is one of the poorest countries in the world, but it is rich in so many other ways! The biggest and most valuable treasure are its people, who have nothing, but getting to know them, talking to them and spending time with them, you realize that the poorest person is yourself. And that is why I felt in love with Uganda – the country has been one of my greatest teachers and eye openers from all my travels.