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5 Things You Need if You Want To Travel To Uganda

5 Things You Need if You Want To Travel To Uganda

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1️⃣ Bug spray- trust me, the mosquitos and lake flies here are a whole new level! Make sure to pack your favorite spray and reapply every 2 hours!🦟

2️⃣ External Power Bank🔋- you never know where your next outlet may be found! Pack an external power bank to keep your favorite devices charged up!

3️⃣ More than 1 pair of shoes- pack at least one closed toe option & one open toe option! Opt for a hiking boot, and a sandal of some sort if your feet get hot like mine, or if you want an easy option to just slip on🥾🩴

4️⃣ Travel pack of Wet Wipes/Travel Wipes- you never know when you’ll need this! I always keep a small pack with me when I travel🤓

5️⃣ Some local currency💵American currency works in some areas, but make sure it’s perfect in condition and doesn’t have ANY rips or tears, or else chances are they won’t accept it👀

I hope this helps anyone who wants to venture to Uganda!🌍🤗