2 day gorilla tracking in Uganda or Rwanda

We are able to have a 2 day gorilla tracking safari to bwindi of uganda or the volcanoes of Rwanda due to the limited time you have. Here in uganda, you have to be either picked up in Kabale or Transfer a day before from kampala or entebbe and get to be dropped off the next day in kabale Uganda or Rwanda. For this, its able to work our and see the gorillas on a 2 day gorilla tracking safari.

Day 1: Drive to Bwindi

On this day, we are able to pick you up from Kampala/ entebbe or from Kigali Rwanda. Then we drive Bwindi usually is a short time from rwanda and from kampala, its a full day driving. So you will be able to pass through the rolling hills until you reach the final destination of Bwindi forest where extremely life time gorilla tracking encounters.

Day 2: Gorilla Tracking Day, a awaited big day.

Wake up, get organized, have your passport ready and get back lunch, rain jacket, long stocking, hiking boots on, long sleeve shirts and join your guide ready for the briefing and enter the forest to meet up the giant apes into there natural habitat. What ever happens that day, am pretty telling you;l, its worth it.

End of 2 day gorilla tracking safari