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Tamarindus (Tamarin)

Tamarindus (Tamarin)Tamarindus (Tamarin)

Tamarindus indica is best known as Tamarin or locally known as Nkoge is a native tree from India that has ascended with over 170 Medicinal values right from its leaves to the roots.

The leaves can be used as bathing medicine for skin rashes especially for kids averaging from 2-7 years.

The back of the tree is most important to ladies/women that have given birth whereby its pealed off and boiled in hot water, a cup of it is taken 3 times a day and hence acting as an inner cleanser, the fruits are good for leaking whereas they cure cough and flu, the same fruits can be cooked in porridge and spice it to something sweet.

The brown seeds of this tree can be dried and then grinned, the powder got from these seeds can be taken in cold water can help to cleanse the liver and the kidney.

The roots are good for constipation especially if they are just chewed. So why not plant one tree for the next generation