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Charity is giving to the poor. Charity is helping those more unfortunate than us. Be inspired, motivated and be part in making a positive change. Charity safaris offer individuals a genuine chance to experience, study and help in ways which customary occasions can’t. Charity Travel has not just an effect to the communities we visit. In addition the individuals who voyage with us get increasingly out of their habits since they experience real struggles and needs and therefore have the chance to give something back and change lives of others.

We often choose to travel and enjoy nature, sight wild animals and indulge into the cultures of different societies. At “African Nature Vacations” we decide to make it more than just adventure and associate it with helping different families while on the trip and partner with different charity organizations so that we can change a life of the unfortunate by adding a 5% on each of the trips booked that will go to a charity cause.

Because we partner with a few charity organizations, we also invite you to participate to their projects by subscribing to the newsletter or vising their website and learn more about their cause to change a life. That way you can directly contribute to their projects around the globe

As our mission is to change a life, you can also change one by * Choosing your adventure* and *confirming your charity*