The 1 Day Jinja tour to the Source of the Nile, Mabira Forests and Sezibwa Falls.

Today, we carry on our free day to Jinja the adventure capital at the Nile for a 1 day Jinja tour. So expect to visit the local historical born Sezibwa Falls and Twin Rivers, a guided nature forest walk in the famous Mabira Forests. This helps in environment conversations and also encounter famous herb trees and various interesting plants, with so many birds and forest primates like the Red Tailed Monkeys, and so then visit the start point of the longest world’s River Nile “the Victoria Nile”.

1 day jinja tourDetails of the Jinja Tour.

In the Morning at 7:30 am, the Driver picks you up and sets off to Jinja to venture the 1 day Jinja tour. Stop at the Historical Sezibwa falls, for the Natural wonder of the Buganda Kingdom. Then continue to the Mabira forests to engage the Nature walk and primates watch.Then, continue to Jinja town for the lunch, and after join Speke the 1st British explorer to also verify the Source of the Nile on Lake Victoria, as you enjoy the a motorized Boat Cruise. The Boat is so great. And its a wonder with an highlight of our trip. On water, you will manage to see lots of relevant birds and other fishing activities. Be here with us.

End of 1 Day Jinja Tour.

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