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The Drunken Place on Earth my Uganda

The Drunken Place on Earth my Uganda

Uganda is sometimes referred to as a “Drunken place” that why I call it “The Drunken place on earth my Uganda.” due to the fact that we have quite a number of beverages made here (locally) and those that are imported. Also, a fact is that a person can booze anytime they feel like.

The leading spirit here is called “Uganda Waragi”. It is extracted from local fruits (such as cassava, matooke, millet) These are distilled about 3 times till it reaches an alcohol content of 96% vol and then blended till it lowers to 40% clear spirit. One can decide to take and get in the mood of doing things they love. Is anyone stressed in a day??? Quite a lot of thoughts!!! It’s always their options. It has a number of different flavours that is to say: coconut, pineapple, coffee to mention but a few. We have other strong liquors such: tonto, malwa all made from millet, cassava flour and water.

The Drunken Place on Earth my UgandaMalwa and tonto are cultural beverages. And they are enjoyed in a group as shown in the picture below.

Adults gather in a place where it is prepared, sit in a ring-like shape or a semi-circle. A pot is brought and put amidst them, everyone gets a locally made straw (about 1meter) and places its tip in the pot and the other onto the mouth. Stories and different life experiences begin to arise from several people as local music surrounds them all from the background.