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5animals that dont drink water through their lives

5 animals that dont drink water through their lives👇🏾

Have you ever tried to imagine life without water? Well, it is interesting to note that there are several animals that do not drink water at all. These animals live in different conditions and survive on different diets. Here are five animals that do not drink water at all:

1. Mealworms

According to howandwhys.com, Mealworms do not drink water at all. These animals start their lives as eggs before hatching into larva, morph, pupa and then they come out as beetles. They have a urinary system, which has been modified known as cryptonephridial” system, which attaches the kidney. This implies that the last drops of moisture in your food becomes absorbed in the air.

2. Sand gazelles

Sand gazelles do not drink water. They love an area with open sand and they have the ability to live without water. The gazelles have adapted to the hostile surroundings. They have the ability to shrink their heart and liver hence making them to breast and respire at a lower rate.

3. Freshwater fish

This fish is saltier than the surrounding. The water normally moves into the fish by osmosis and passively through its stomach, gills, and skin. The fish eliminates the excess water by peeing repeatedly. The specialised cells help in removing excess salt in the urine.

4. Frogs
Do you know that frogs do not swallow water? These animals have a very special skin through which water enters their bodies. The skin is used for breathing and drinking water. They normally absorb the moisture they require through their skins.

5.Tiger salamanders

Winding up our list, these salamanders do not use their mouths to drink water. The salamanders have a semi-permeable skin through which they receive water. The animals are not expected to be subjected to chlorine to avoid hydration issues.