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Where to find a Zebra in Uganda

Where to find a Zebra in UgandaWhere in Uganda do we find a Zebra?

A Zebra is a single hoofed animal which belongs to the horse family.

There are several species of African Equids the major ones being the Plains Zebras also known as Burchell’s Zebra. These are the widely spread species in Africa.


Zebras are black in colour with white stripes. The stripes come in different patterns unique to each individual.

Foals easily identify their mothers with these unique patterns.

The Females have a Gestation period of 12 to 13 months

They are Vegetarians with a Diet Herbivores eating a variety of grass and also feed on shrubs, herbs, leaves and bark.

Zebras when not eating, they do sleep while standing. They only sleep when they are in large herds to be alerted of danger.

Male zebras are called stallions and females Mares just like Horses.

Zebras cannot be ridden because of their weak backbones in that they cannot support heavy things, and they are able to run up to 65 km/hr

Zebras have a lifespan of living up to 25 years depending on the conditions in their natural habitat.

A fully grown zebra can weigh up to 400 kg and are predated by leopards, Lions, Wild Dogs, Hyenas, crocodiles.

The common Zebras species are

*Plains Zebras

*Mountain Zebras

*Grevy’s Zebras

So Zebras in Uganda can be found in Lake Mburo National park and Kidepo Valley National.