MV KABALEEGA to be retrieved from Lake Victoria, the ship sank In the early hours of 8 May 2005, she was involved in a collision with MV Kaawa. MV Kabalega was en route to Port Bell in Uganda while Kaawa was sailing in the opposite direction towards Mwanza in Tanzania. Kaawa damaged her bow and Kabalega was damaged below the waterline. MV Kaawa managed to return to port but a few hours after the collision Kabalega sank in 150 feet (46 m) of water about 8 nautical miles (15 km) southeast of the Ssese Islands and about 50 nautical miles (93 km) from the Kuye Islands.

Kaawa struck Kabalega’s bow, dislodging the railway wagons that were secured to Kabalega’s deck into the water. The collision tore open Kabalega’s bow and also ruptured her #8 buoyancy tank and water also rapidly entered the #9 tank. #KATUMBAWAMALASTATEMINISTERWORKS