1 Day Rhino Tracking at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Uganda

Our 1 day rhino tracking tour take us to the one only sanctuary at Ziwa in Nakasongola uganda. This is one magical place where they have managed to bring back the extinct life of the Rhinos in Uganda again. And here you can have a better walk into nature to appreciate the better work done by the Rhino Fund and also having abetter experience while walking with the Rhinos.

Details of a 1 day Rhino tracking safari.

It’s this morning after having breakfast and join our driver to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary a drive of about 2 hours past luwero town.

So when you get to the sanctuary, you will meet the staff there for a fair better briefing of life about Rhinos and be able to elaborate the safety tips. After that, you will join the Bush on foot with the sanctuary rangers and get to meet up the rhinos while at their peace and enjoying the short grass.

So, you may also get to encounter some of the animals like, Bush Backs, Duikers, wart hogs and different kinds of monkeys and birds.So after the tracking, we will have our lunch and get to embark our journey to Kampala or entebbe.

End of a 1 day rhino tracking safari.