The 1 day whitewater rafting river Nile in Uganda.

How perfect and incredibly should you dare miss the 1 day whitewater rafting on the mighty incredible longest river in the whole world. This is so spectacular and a world’s love record to do a rafting into the Rapids of the Nile River. So this day gives out a moment of happiness and lovely experience. So dare not miss to do this on your visit to jinja Uganda.

Details of a 1 day whitewater rafting river Nile uganda.

Is always the same morning where our guide picks you up in the morning and drive for 2 and a half hours to jinja and meet the Raft Uganda water pioneers for a perfect briefing about the safe mode activities and how to paddle the water.

Note: this activity doesn’t need any kind of experience, so dont mind everything this is easy and again the activity is life changing.

So after that, you will enter the boat and paddle to the other side of the Rapids, neither have we got incidences of not coming back. You are so safe, just go on enjoy the venture experience.

They so many kinds of grade levels so you can choose on what stage you level to can Optimize fully, and they have a safe boat that paddles those who would need a safely space. It never sinks.

So after wards during the excursion, you will have lunch and also hopefully the raft may choose to organize a barbeque spot for a lovely moment treat.

Afterward, we drive back to Kampala or entebbe.

End of a 1 day whitewater rafting river Nile tour.