2 day kibale chimpanzee safari

The 2 day kibale chimpanzee safari, is one of the safari kibale national park safari where you get a chance to track the chimpanzees in there world best national park and largest national family of chimpanzees at a full control of the conservation forest. So with this chimpanzee safari, expect a best treat of nature with the wildlife and its nature as well as visit the bigodi wetland swamp for nature appreciation and birding life.

Day 1: Drive to Kibale National Park, have a nature trails walk to the bigodi swamp.

Early this morning, leave Kampala for kibale forest, have a lunch stop in the best heatly town of Uganda in fort portal for lunch and the go the the bigodi village for a swamp walk where you will get a chance of seeing more of better wildlife like red Clobous, grey cheeked managbey, blank and white Colubus, baboons, and much more. Then go to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Chimpanzee Tracking Day.

Early at 7:00am, have enough better breakfast and go to tha kanyachu tracking centre for a briefing and join a team for the tracking day for about 6 people and a ranger guide. Then enter the forest for a perfect meeting with the wildlife human primate ape. Then enjoy the chimpanzees while the candle, mount, jump into the wild and again appreciate the nature of tall forest trees and preserved food of the would apes. Then after an hour with the chimps, have lunch and leave for Kampala or entebbe.

End of 2 day kibale chimpanzee safari tour.